Who can go to 163 floor of Burj Khalifa?


Burj Khalifa, the iconic skyscraper located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an architectural marvel that stands at a staggering height of 828 meters (2,717 feet). The 163rd floor of Burj Khalifa is one of the highest occupied floors in the world, offering breathtaking views of the city and beyond. However, access to this floor is restricted and available only to a select few.


Tourists and visitors to Burj Khalifa have the opportunity to ascend to the observation decks located on the 124th and 148th floors. These floors provide stunning panoramic views of Dubai and the surrounding areas, making them popular attractions for those seeking a bird’s eye view of the city.

While the majority of visitors are limited to the observation decks, there are a few exclusive experiences that allow access to higher floors. For example, the “At the Top Sky” experience grants visitors access to the 148th, 125th, and 124th floors, offering additional privileges and a more personalized experience.

Residents and Occupants

The 163rd floor of Burj Khalifa is primarily reserved for the building’s residents and occupants. This floor houses luxurious residential apartments, which are privately owned by individuals fortunate enough to call Burj Khalifa their home.

Living on the 163rd floor offers an unparalleled lifestyle, with unmatched views, world-class amenities, and a prestigious address. Residents have the privilege of enjoying the exclusivity and prestige associated with living in the world’s tallest building.

Who can go to 163 floor of Burj Khalifa?

Security and Access

Due to security reasons and the privacy of the residents, access to the 163rd floor is strictly controlled. Only individuals with authorized access cards or permissions are allowed entry. This ensures the safety and well-being of the residents while maintaining the building’s security standards.

The security measures in place also extend to the overall safety of Burj Khalifa, ensuring that everyone who enters the building is accounted for and their movements can be monitored effectively.

While visiting the 163rd floor of Burj Khalifa may be a dream for many, it is a reality reserved for the fortunate residents and occupants of this iconic skyscraper. The exclusive access to this floor adds to the allure and desirability of living in Burj Khalifa, making it a symbol of luxury, status, and architectural brilliance.

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